Confidence & Self-Esteem Repair

Are You Having Difficulty With:

  • Dealing with your anger?
  • Letting go of self-blame or blaming others?
  • Accepting yourself or others?
  • Excessive moodiness, sadness or indecisiveness?
  • Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism?
  • Shame or guilt about your past or current behaviors?
  • Low self-esteem, self-doubt and negative self-image?
  • Relating or connecting to others?

At Healing Minds™, our Confidence and Self-Esteem Repair program is aimed at helping you understand how your feelings and thoughts translate into actions, and how your actions affect your confidence and self-esteem and the quality of relationships you have. 

This program gives you the insight and tools necessary to develop and skyrocket your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love.   

We start by gathering a detailed history of your concerns, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses as well as identifying past experiences and beliefs you might have that could impact your self-esteem and confidence level negatively. 

Using EFT, NLP, and Hypnotherapy, we work on releasing the negative feelings of these past experiences and beliefs that have been holding you back. 

You’ll learn to be more aware of your emotions, eliminate your negative and self-sabotaging thoughts and actions and reclaim control of your thoughts and feelings.

You will learn to communicate more effectively, be more empathetic, and have a stronger self-esteem that boosts your confidence and eliminate insecurities. 

You’ll find having healthy and happy relationships much easier and more fulfilling than you thought were possible once after a few short sessions.

Imagine all the wonderful things you can achieve in your life when you finally accept yourself completely and embrace life with clarity, confidence, and courage.

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